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It’s a g-g-g-g-g 鬼魂(GUI HUN)!!

November 12th, 2012 arreta14

First off, the characters in this post’s title, 鬼魂(Gui Hun)’s meaning, is ghost.

The week after our travels in Xian and Chengdu, was the week of Halloween. Yes there is Halloween in China. It’s not nearly as popular as it is in the USA and many Chinese people, including Yuan Quan had never really experienced it before. So in that spirit, I decided to go… not all out, but at least make a good effort to show Yuan Quan what happens in the USA on Halloween.

1) Jack-o-lanterns. I didn’t know if I’d be able to find a pumpkin, but there is a tree on BIE’s campus that grows large gourds. Yuan Quan and I picked one and carved a face in it to make our own Jack-o-lantern. By the way carving a pumpkin is a lot easier than carving a gourd.

Our gourd jack-o-lantern!

2) Costume. I didn’t have enough time to go out and get a real costume, so using our jack-o-lantern, my holy cross snuggie (yes I brought it with me), and two belts I made my own costume.

My costume. Considering I came up with the idea for it the night of Halloween, I'd say it turned out pretty well. I even got candy from some CET people for it.

Here I am!

On the academic side, since coming back to CET we have started using a new textbook, one that was written by the professors of BIE. By starting to use this book, our teachers also told us (the 260 level students), that our knowledge of characters and grammar patterns is now at the 300 level. Classes are still challenging and we still have multiple presentations and essays due every week, but I really believe that learning Chinese has gotten a lot easier for me and the characters and information that I am learning are really useful.

In addition to CET, I also had my interview for Holy Cross Summer Internship Program recently and I was accepted! AWESOME! Hopefully I’ll be able to find a good internship for the summer after I return from China.

Well I think I’ve finally caught you guys up on everything that’s happened in China up till now. This next week we CETers will be traveling to Nanjing (a city just outside of Shanghai) and after returning we will finally see the Beijing Opera!

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